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Information and publicity activities - Work package 4


Development of general communication strategies and tools for use outside the visitor centres.

Main Activities

- Development of a common press and communication strategy
- Realization of a traveling exhibition illustrating the importance of the role of protected areas for nature conservation, wildlife habitats and sustainable development.
- Creation of an internet-based communication platform of protected areas (event communication)
- Integration of other protected areas in the processes of common strategy approaches. Opening to new member states of the European Union (Carpathian Network of Protected Areas)
- Active dissemination of the project and the alpine space program, involvement of other protected areas in the communication strategy.
- Publicity and information about the project itself

Outputs and Results

- This website was developed for the promotion of the project itself!

- New map of the Alpine protected areas published as leaflet and poster. Available as paper at the Coordination Unit office (see Contact) or to download (see Download).

- Articles about various realisations within the Alpencom project are available in the "Download" part of the website.

- The activity report 2005-2006 is downloadable on www.alparc.org Available in 4 alpine languages + English.

- The walking exhibition "Return of Wilderness" opened in April 2007, in Chamb?ry and is hosted by the Triglav National Park (Slovenia) from December 2007 on.

- The working group of WP4 developed a strategy for the common communication of the alpine protected areas. This document, also called "Corporate Identity", is a kind of road book and basis for the development of our common communication towards the broad public, but also to improve the communication between the protected areas!

- Second step after the development of the Corporate Identity document was to develop the graphic part: we have now developed our ALPARC CORPORATE DESIGN.

- This Corporate Design enable us to realize some basic common communication tools till the end of the project and also after the project itself, like for instance a common leaflet presenting our translapine network to the public and trying to raise awareness about the conservation and protection of the Alpine heritage.

- In February 2008, the partners developed and published as one of the first common tools some very nice "free postcards" (in total 43 differents versions) for the public to spread the image of ALPARC and the messages "Alpine Protected Areas - Together for the Alps". 4 Common postcards were developed (each in 5 linguistic versions) and 23 other postcards are personnalised by the partners (all national or regional parks) to spread the message "our park is part of the network ALPARC". These postcards will be presented in April on the new ALPARC website. Paper versions are available by Alparc.


Autonome Provinz Bozen - S?dtirol, Amt f?r Naturparke / Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano ? Alto Adige, Ufficio Parchi naturali (Italy)


Map of the Alpine Protected Areas