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General presentation

General presentation of the project

ALPENCOM means "ALP ENvironmental COMmunication" and aims to establish a global Information and Communication Exchange System for sustainable management of natural resources and public relation for the alpine network of protected areas.

This project is an integrated approach for protected areas managers to ensure a regular exchange, training and common planning on environmental management and to strengthen the networking between public institutions responsible for management of natural resources and the building of public awareness in environmental issues.

On one hand, the project is based on exchange of experience and evaluation of management measures, which will lead to integrated strategies for the protection of alpine natural and cultural resources and for sustainable land use.

On the other hand, the development of common communication tools based on an interactive approach of public information in protected areas will strengthen public awareness of mountain ecological systems. It includes an interactive data exchange platform used for data and know-how exchange between protected area managers. The integrated approach is complemented by common media activities for a higher transparency of alpine environmental management strategies and by international professional training programmes.

The Alpine Convention was established for an international approach and has foreseen international cooperation. The Alpencom project is acting exactly in this sense - using the existing structure of the Alpine Network of Protected Areas (created for the implementation of protocol 12 of the Alpine Convention) and creating a synergy between all the protected areas visitor centres and public information policies by developing new adapted common tools and communication platforms.


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